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The most sustainable choice for your wardrobe

Natural fibers. Zero waste. No intermediaries.

Why choosing Artknit Studios

Only natural fibers

We source the Italian's best materials. 100% natural and eco-sustainable with the lowest environmental impact and longest durability in order to make your knitwear last for life.

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Crafted by Italy's best makers

We hand-picked the best artisans in Italy that comply with our values to take care of your order and personally craft your product with care and love.

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Straight to your doorstep

We deliver to your doorstep straight from the workshops to reduce environmental impact and cut all the unnecessary mark-ups in order to make our products as accessible as possible

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Conscious luxury
straight from the makers


Sustainable from design to production

Our respect for the Planet influences the way we design and produce.

At Artknit sustainability is a mean of growth, and we all know that there are no shortcuts in creating long lasting products.

Our precious yarns are sourced locally and come from natural resource with low impact for the environment spun by certified mills in the heart of the Italian wool valley, Biella...

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We proudly do things differently

Better for you, better for the Planet.

Thanks to our innovative approach we are able to cut out all the middlemen and put our entire focus in building superior-quality products.

Major brands in our industry markup their products 6-8x the actual cost.

We do things differently.

Basically, our products are made with the same top materials and quality craftsmanship as other luxury brands but without the traditional markups.

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