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Supplanted by fast fashion, local and artisanal fashion production has declined dramatically, putting at risk traditions, crafts and small workshops and businesses. Related to the decrease in artisans is a lack of transparency: 45% of the brands analyzed in the Transparency Fashion Index scored lowest in the Traceability section. Indeed, local production allows for greater visibility into the origin of raw materials and the conditions of workers than the long and delocalized supply chain of large retailers.

Artknit was created to shorten the distance between small and medium-sized artisanal businesses and a community that likes to make more conscious choices. That is why, day after day we support our artisans, we guarantee them the right returns through our short, traced and transparent supply chain, so that everyone can know where our garments come from and who made them.

Fewer and fewer artisans in Italy

Since 2012, in 10 years, the number of artisans in Italy has dropped by almost 325,000 (-17.4 %). The main reasons are fierce competition from large retailers, but above all, the lack of generational turnover. These jobs are not at all attractive to younger people, who prefer new professions or salaried work: this decrease in the number of specialists would lead to the disappearance of invaluable traditional knowledge and craft skills. It is estimated that in 2026 there will be 96 thousand technical profile positions for the fashion industry that are unlikely to be filled.

The role of traceability

Creating clothing pieces with small businesses, in addition to supporting craftsmanship, allows for greater control and visibility over the production process. However, most major brands do not disclose information about their supply chain: only 1% of large brands, for example, make public the number of minimum-wage workers involved in their supply chain, and 93% of brands surveyed by Fashion Checker do not guarantee minimum wages to them. A short, traced, and transparent supply chain is therefore crucial to counter exploitation and move toward more conscious choices.

Discover our artisans and our supply chain

Since our founding, one of our main goals has been the enhancement of Made in Italy: that is why we create a bridge our clients and the best knitters throughout the country. These are small and medium-sized businesses, often family-run, that manage to guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. 
We want their traditional knowledge and skills to be passed on, make these jobs attractive again to younger people, and bring benefit and innovation to the entire Italian manufacturing ecosystem. All while ensuring that production takes place in an ethical and responsible environment. In fact, all steps leading from raw material to our finished pieces are visible on each product page, ensuring total transparency of processes and making you a participant in choosing a more local, artisanal and sustainable fashion.


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