Our Sustainability standards

Artknit was born under the sign of innovation and sustainability through our direct-to-consumer business model, and this aspect will always be an integral part of our culture.

We only use natural materials and we work with only Italian manufacturers to reduce distances and CO2 emissions, and every decision is made to improve the World around us.

Our respect for the Planet influences the way we design and produce.

At Artknit sustainability is a mean of growth, and we all know that  there are no shortcuts in creating long lasting products.

We carefully screen our manufacturers to ensure all our products are made according to our strict sustainable standards. 

Our commitment towards the planet

We only use natural fibers

We have decided to use only natural and up-cycled fibers: natural fibers that are rapidly renewable, plant-based and have a potential for circularity.

Up to 75% of the sustainability impact of the fashion industry happens at the raw materials stage - before the clothes have actually been made.

Fibre selection also affects how you’re gonna wash the garment, and potentially recycle it one day - both important factors to consider when it comes to the environmental impact.

A philosophy of less

We reject the traditional cycle of fashion that promote discounts and overcomsumptions.

We aim to create uncompromised quality products that last for life.

We’ve disregarded seasonal collections, cut out all the middlemen and only sell directly to you - putting our entire focus in building a Permanent Collection.

From farms to factories, we locate the finest natural materials, and partner exclusively with skilled, responsible mills and manufacturers.

By cutting all middlemen and multi-brand stores, we invest in higher craftsmanship, at an end-price way below traditional retail.

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