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Our insider’s tips for a weekend in Milan

Milan has great stories to tell and great beauty to admire.
It’s just a matter of knowing where to go.

Here are our favorite places to spend some time during a relaxing weekend and our suggested matching looks. The cafè, shops and workshops that only the true Milanese know, dressed as a local.

01. Start the day with a morning coffee

Orsonero Coffee, Via Giuseppe Broggi 15, Milan

As Italians, we take coffee VERY seriously. To switch from the usual espresso, we like to try new coffee extraction methods and Orsonero never fails. From cold brew to American-style filter, you can find your new favorite specialty coffee here, accompanied by a fine croissant.

Brent and Giulia have moved the Canadian coffee panorama to Italy, maintaining the quality and tradition of our Bel Paese.

02. Take some colors home

Green Wise, Via Palermo 5, Milan

Green Wise is a showroom and design studio in the heart of the Brera district with a selection of floral arrangements and accessories.

Designed for a Slow Green lifestyle, all items are produced responsibly and in limited quantities. The perfect way to treat yourself and make your home cozy and colorful.

03. Get some natural food to nourish your body

Terroir, Via Macedonio Melloni 33, Milan

Food is a big part of our culture and, most of the time, the good one is the most simple one. Terroir is the neighborhood store you don’t expect: a specialty retail concept that supports small and artisanal producers.

You will find hand-selected organic products that are carefully made by people who respect the raw materials and the land that had nurtured them. You can’t go wrong with Gabriele’s suggestions for the search for a gift or a nice dinner at home.

04. Find a new enjoyable pastime

Bota Fogo, Via Carlo Farini 36, Milan

After the errands, it’s finally time for some self-care. At Bota Fogo, a fine ceramics atelier, you can find workshops all weekend long.

The perfect opportunity to find a new passion and meet new people. Working with your hands is also a great way to disconnect yourself from technology and stimulate your creativity.

05. Get that afternoon snack you deserve

Da Giacomo, Via Pasquale Sottocorno 5, Milan

To end on a high note, an afternoon snack is a moment that should never be denied - especially on the weekend. To savor authentic Italian sweets, we like to go to Da Giacomo.

An iconic Milanese pastry shop that serves traditional desserts homemade as they once were according to family recipes.

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