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From fibers to you, all our creations go through a short, traced and transparent supply chain. Every stage, from design to crafting, takes place in close collaboration with our artisanss, who guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and attention to every detail.


It all starts with choosing premium natural yarns

We do not use synthetic fibers, but only natural fibers that biodegrade more easily and do not release microplastics. We select only spinning mills that can certify the origin of the raw material, sourced with respect for natural resources and people.


We design with essentiality, to avoid waste

Our approach is data-driven: to avoid overproduction, we always start with customer preferences when designing a new style. We stay true to a design that does not follow fashion or passing trends, because we want to create versatile and timeless pieces that will be worn for a long time, day after day.


Yarn is transformed into knitwear in Italy's best knitting mills

The manufacture is a slow process, in which all the craftsmanship of our artisans emerges. The first stage is knitting, in which the parts that will make up the final piece are created. In a second stage, called linking, the different parts that make up the final piece are linked together. After this process, which can take from two to six hours, it is washed and ironed to achieve the desired feel.


From the artisans to you, our pieces arrive in a special package

When the final piece is ready, it’s put in a fabric bag that you can reuse to preserve its quality where you can find all our tips to take the best care of your knitwear. The piece is then shipped inside an easily recyclable cardboard packaging.


We measure the environmental impact of each creation

All of our pieces undergo life cycle analysis (LCA), which examines the environmental impact from raw material to the complete manufacture according to several indicators: CO2 emissions, water resource use, and the release of environmentally toxic substances. Thanks to these valuable measurements, we are able to make more informed decisions when choosing materials. You can find out the impact of each piece of clothing on all the product pages of our website.

Fair and transparent pricing, for you and our artisans.

Our model avoids intermediaries between you and our artisans. This way, we are able to offer you exceptional craftsmanship quality at a lower price than traditional brands.

We care for what we create

We invite you to discover our initiatives to reduce waste and make our pieces last a long time.

Embrace imperfection

If, during the process, a piece should have some manufacturing defect, it is included in our Imperfect selection: a selection of pieces that we repair and recondition to reduce waste.


Have your knitwear repaired

If, over time, your knitted piece shows signs of wear and tear, you can request a consultation with our artisans, who will find the perfect solution to repair it and extend its life cycle.