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Since the beginning, we’ve committed to using only 100% natural and biodegradable materials, that are better for your skin and don’t cause harm to the planet.

In order to avoid waste, with only 7 materials we’re able to create a complete selection of timeless pieces for all year long.


Our Linen is OEKO-TEX, OCS and European Flax certified and it’s one of the strongest and freshest natural materials that is also responsible on the planet, since it needs very few water to grow. It easily absorbs and releases moisture so it feels dry and cool and it's very resistant to time and wear and tear.

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Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton is OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified and it’s a natural fiber that doesn’t include chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds (GMOs) during its production. It’s known and loved because of its hypoallergenic, breathable and durable properties.

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Extrafine Merino Wool

Our Merino Wool is OEKO-TEX and Woolmark certified and it’s a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep and, since it’s thinner than regular wool, it feels softer on your skin and it’s more comfortable due to its 19.5 microns of thickness. Thanks to its breathability and thermoregulation properties, it keeps you warm or fresh all day long depending on the temperature.

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Ultrasoft Wool

Our Ultrasoft Wool is RWS certified and it’s 17.5 microns thick. It’s a very precious fiber that combines the special properties of wool, including its extreme lightness, with a pleasant feeling on the skin, given by its similarity to cashmere fibers to the touch.

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Chunky Wool

Our Chunky Wool is Sustainawool Green certified and it’s 18.5 thick. It’s a fuzzy and extra-warm kind of wool perfect for the lower temperatures. Chunky wool is also considered more sustainable because it resuses production scraps of classic worsted wool.

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Superior Cashmere

Our Cashmere is a precious natural fiber that comes from Kashmir goats, that is known for its lightness and its incredible softness given by its finesse that reaches up to 14/16.5 micons of thickness, while keeping you warm for a long time.

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The certifications

To prove that our materials meet the highest environmental and quality standards, we carefully select certified materials that last long and have a low impact on the planet.In 2022, 85% of materials used to craft our pieces were certified.

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Traceability and transparency

For each one of our pieces, you can discover the story behind it and the impact it has on the environment on the product page of our website.88% of our complete supply chain is traced, and we are working towards reaching 100% in the next years.

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