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Within our selection are blended Linen and Organic Cotton certified yarns, which enhance the qualities of both materials, as well as premium 100% Linen yarns, woven or knitted, and a capsule made of Regenerated Linen, a GRS-certified yarn composed of 90% Linen and 10% Organic Cotton recycled fibers.

Linen is an ancient and valuable plant fiber, appreciated for its freshness and breathable properties that make it particularly suitable for warmer days.

It is a material that is very resistant to wear and tear, and requires little water to grow compared to other fibers, making it a particularly responsible choice.

Discover the properties

Ultimate freshness

Due to its structure composed of hollow fibers at their core, linen allows better air circulation through the fabric or knit.

A durable and strong material

It is lightweight and breathable, but coming from the stem of the flax plant, its nature is also rigid and strong.


This yarn is composed of 65% Linen and 35% Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton is grown in Turkey according to organic farming principles, while Linen is grown in Belgium and is certified European Flax Standard.

The characteristics of a natural fiber like flax, which can absorb moisture, combined with the hypoallergenic function, breathability and softness of Organic Cotton make the piece extremely fresh and versatile.

Organic Farming

The yarn is made from certified Organic Cotton, a responsible alternative that, unlike conventional cotton, is grown in pesticide-free environments. Farmers, communities and nature are not exposed to harmful chemicals, pesticides or GMOs.

Low water consumption

Flax is a fiber that naturally requires reduced amounts of water to grow, and compared to a standard product with offshore production, growing and processing these fibers uses 82% less water.


This fabric is a 100% linen twill and features a diagonal weave, created by a special interweaving of threads that gives the fabric structure and strength.

It is a "Masters of Linen" certified material, ensuring the quality of several aspects of textile production, including the cultivation of linen fibers in Europe, the spinning, weaving and finishing process of the fabric.

The pants are made in Natale's workshop in Barletta, Italy, a specialized workshop in its second generation.


This yarn is composed of 90% linen and 10% regenerated Organic Cotton.

It is GRS certified, ensuring that it is composed of recycled fibers, verifying its traceability and compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of production.

It is a yarn left raw, and undyed, to bring out the best of the natural and characteristic appearance of the linen fibers.


These pieces are made from upcycled materials – their creation transformed industrial excess and discarded materials into something new.


The Upcycled Linen selection is cradted in Monica's workshop in Genoa, Italy, with manual knitting machines, creating unique pieces created through her craftsmanship knowledge.