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Maglificio di Sonia

Bringing creativity to life

A workshop with the aim of reinventing the art of knitwear

Sonia is a young woman that, after finishing her studies, had no doubt about what she was going to do after: she opened her own knitwear business to make her greatest passion her work.

She learned everything from her mother that, since she has memories, has always been knitting in her free time. Seeing how her hands moved so smoothly and confidently at the same time enchanted her and she couldn’t do anything but learn knitting when she was little.

Now she manufactures high-quality knitwear with manual machines that have no engine, creating unique models which couldn't be easily reproduced with industrial machines.




Turin, Italy


High-quality knitwear

“The concept of Made in Italy for me expresses the value of craftsmanship, of handing down and preserving a sacred knowledge. We have the mission of re-discover ancient ways of doing things in a new way to give it new light and make it flourish in the present and future times.”