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Craftsmanship in all its shapes: discover TA-DAAN

We met with the team at TA-DAAN, a brand that supports young artisans by offering home decor, accessories and jewelry made in their workshops and small businesses. Like us, TA-DAAN promotes a more conscious lifestyle and consumption, celebrating the passion and craftsmanship of the people behind each creation.

"Since we started, we have worked to highlight the extraordinary work of young artisans by offering them concrete support in telling their stories, making themselves known, and reaching an international audience.”

How was TA-DAAN born?

TA-DAAN is a startup with an all-women founding team: Roberta, Sara, Valeria and Costanza. What brought us together is a common passion for the handmade and a strong idea: craftsmanship and the values it conveys do not speak nostalgically to the past, but look to the future; in fact, we work to make craftsmanship a force for positive change, cultural diversity and conscious consumption. We met at the first edition of Homo Faber, an international craft exhibition held in Venice. Roberta was looking for a passionate co-founder and actually got three. We then launched TA-DAAN as a company in 2020.

How do you work to protect and empower craftsmanship?

Since we started, we have worked to highlight the extraordinary work of young artisans by offering them concrete support in telling their stories, making themselves known and reaching an international audience. Initially, we worked as a digital magazine offering a space of visibility to these creatives and creating a large international community. By opening our e-commerce, we then started to support them directly ande we are now selling the creations of now 150 artisans from 9 European countries.

"Sustainability for us is intrinsically linked to artisanal production: small-scale, made-to-order production does not generate extra waste."

How important is the environmental and social sustainability of the products you select?

The nature of the craft product is that of a durable product that is absolutely not designed for "disposable use" therefore far removed from the harmful logic of fast fashion. It is slow production in every sense of the word. I would also add that many of our artisans have an eye for the issue and are committed to developing products with sustainable, recycled materials or follow upcycling practices.

What do you see as the artisans of the future and what characteristics should they have?

We think that craftsmanship is not a practice of the past to be relived with nostalgia, but is really a force for the future. For something to live on, it must necessarily embrace contemporary taste and be attractive to new generations. Our artisans are examples of this.

How could craftsmanship respond to the challenges of today such as consumerism and waste?

More than crafts, I would say: how can we, as consumers, respond? Perhaps, one of the answers is just to buy less but better and to take care of the things you buy. In this sense, purchasing a craft product today that clearly has a higher cost than one made industrially is a highly conscious choice and a promise: "This product will be with me for many years."

Take a look at a selection of TA-DAAN’S artisanal gift ideas curated by us

Unique and beautifully designed home decor and accessories, carefully crafted in small artisan workshops from all over Europe.

Soli Wood Bud Vase

Bayong Bag Wide

Babù Milano Leather Flats

Kriti Tureen

Hourglass Flat Bowl

Ash Bowl

Hoop Plate

"L'amore" Plate

Pebbles Ring