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Ultrasoft Wool, Extrafine Merino Wool, Chunky Wool. What’s the difference?

These are all 100% Merino Wool yarns, a particularly fine and valuable wool that comes from Australian Merino sheep. It is a renewable material that is easily recyclable and biodegradable. Each of these three yarns has unique characteristics that make it special thanks to a different processing. In this way, starting from the same raw material, we have designed a selection of pieces suitable for different uses and occasions, perfect for building a versatile and modular wardrobe.


Ultrasoft Wool is a thin and light yarn, thanks to the fineness of this fiber, which is only 17.5 microns. It resembles Cashmere in feel and is so fine that with this yarn we also create t-shirts and tops to be worn in direct contact with the skin. It is a mercerized wool: the scales on the fibers are removed to make an even smoother, fuller and shinier material, which gives the finished pieces a particularly formal look. With one-ply yarns, the resulting pieces are light and perfect as first layers. With two-ply yarns, on the other hand, the texture is richer but the finished piece still remains thin.


Extrafine Merino Wool is our most versatile wool. Its fibers are 19.5 microns thick, which makes it softer and more comfortable than regular wool. It is a worsted wool: the longest and finest fibers are selected for this type of spinning, and during the process they are made parallel to each other, becoming homogeneous. This creates a ribbon, called "top", which is then twisted to obtain a strong and smooth yarn. This yarn is worked by our craftsmen on different gauges to create pieces with a more or less compact weave and different thicknesses. This allows us to obtain lightweight pieces such as shirts and tops, as well as heavier jackets and sweaters.


Chunky Wool is our warmest and most voluminous yarn: it is the perfect wool for colder temperatures. It is a particularly durable material and the feel improves wash after wash. It is a carded wool: Carding means parallelizing, cleaning and regularizing the wool, resulting in a fluffy, warm material. In carding, shorter fibers, called "open," are mixed with longer fibers, called "top." This gives the yarn, and consequently the knit, more volume and a fuzzy texture. The pieces we make from this material are those that give a more enveloping warmth, such as our sweaters and accessories.