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A love story between linen & cotton


Every now and then, we like to dip into your stories to know you better. This time, we met with Giacomo and Beatrice, Artknit lovers from day one. After a year in Paris, they decided to return to their roots and to the slow-paced Italian lifestyle.

They now live in a small town in Liguria with their pug Emma. Giacomo works in the interior design field, while Beatrice works in hotellerie.


Today we’ll bring you on a small walk with them to discover their favorite spots: from their home, fully furnished with design pieces by them, to the olive groves behind it and the colorful city center of Varigotti.

The simplicity and authenticity of small-town living gave them the opportunity to create more space and time for what actually matters: spending quality time together.

They love riding vintage motorcycles and exploring unspoiled places.
Slowing down the rhythm gave them the chance to appreciate those simple everyday moments.

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