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Discover our selection of pieces made of lightweight natural fibers –classic silhouettes, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, born of continuous design research and the choice of fine yarns worked on different stitches and gauges.
New colors for urban dreamers who long for elsewhere

Vivid, full shades that fit harmoniously into an essential, natural color palette.

For those who seek a versatile day to night look

A selection of functional garments for everyday life, perfect for the warmest times of the day or to wear with matching jackets and overshirts when it cools down.

For those who love details that won’t go unnoticed

Discover new creations with rich textures and special stitches that denote fine workmanship.

Learn more about our natural fibers

The fibers that make up our yarns are certified, follow a traced and transparent supply chain, and are grown with a focus on environmental impact and resource use.

Our Organic Cotton

Compared to a standard cotton piece, the production of one of our Organic Cotton piece requires 82% to 92% less water.


The Benefits of Linen

A strong, durable fiber with a low environmental impact, perfect for the warmest times of the year due to its natural properties.