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Monica's Workshop

Perched among the nature of the Ligurian hinterland, in her small workshop, Monica crafts her pieces with a care that only those who have dedicated their lives to knitting can give.




Genova, Italy


High-quality knitwear

Monica started at a very young age - over time she has worked in other professions, but each time she has returned to her true vocation: Entering her workshop, one is overwhelmed by the colors of the different yarns and intrigued by the tools of the craft: three machines for working on different finenesses and three linking machines

“The fundamental quality of an artisan? Precision.”

When she creates, Monica likes to immerse herself in her workshop with music flooding the room, so she doesn't get distracted, finds the right rhythm and focuses on what matters to her: attention to detail, the true value of handmade knitwear.

Thanks to her experience, she crafts full-fashioned knitwear without the use of cut-and-sew machines, then creates the buttonholes, finishes them and washes them.