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Maglificio di Monica

Handmade expertise at its best

A strong passion for knitwear is just one of the things we have in common with Monica. Her knitwear business is located in a small town near Genova, Italy, and has accompanied our journey since 2020. With more than thirty years in the industry, most of her work is carried out completely by hand with great attention to detail, raising the bar piece by piece.

Il maglificio di Monica is what “Made in Italy” is all about: great craftsmanship, long-lasting products, and a special focus on avoiding material waste.




Genova, Italy


High-quality knitwear

“Our hands have a life-long knowledge that should be passed down to the next generations to preserve a mastery that cannot be imitated, even by the best machine in the world. What truly drives me every day is the thought that some people out there are happily wearing something I created with my own hands that is going to last forever”