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Il maglificio di Andrea e figli

Made in Italy as a way of working

A second generation artisanal workshop

If one’s really passionate about what he's doing, he's going to make other people enthusiasts too; This is how Maglificio di Andrea was born.

It’s an authentic family business in its second generation and it will become the third generation soon when Andrea will leave the management to its sons, being
particularly passionate about the knitting machines.

Il Maglificio di Andrea is a vertically integrated company where everything from sketching, yarn selection, up to knitting is made within the workshop.




Cesena, Italy


High-quality knitwear

“Made in Italy for us is not just a label to put on the finished products, it’s a philosophy that guides all of our production: it’s a specific way of working with a keen eye for details and keeping up with the times, without forgetting where it all started.”