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Meet the spinning mill Lanecardate

A carding mill with a tricentenary story in the heart of Biella's textile district that works the best natural materials with the care, passion and know-how of generations

Lanecardate was born from the passion of a family of textile entrepreneurs in 1663. It was closed in the 1940’s, but the sons decided to reopen the mill and the story began again. 

Lanecardate guarantees where and how every product was manufactured, to ensure the protection of its makers and the natural environment.

The spinning mill has a strict attention to quality through the direct control of the entire production process that is based locally in the so-known capital of the wool, Biella. It’s not uncommon that they visit the farms, since it’s something that’s very close to their hearts.

Carding means love for the finest quality

Lanecardate uses only the most precious natural fibers, rigorously selected from breeds and farms according to the highest standards of fineness, length and durability. The extrafine fibers with 18.5 micron of thickness are certified to guarantee the highest quality and are completely traceable, from the fibers up to the final knit.

Carding means parallelizing, cleaning and regularizing wool, resulting in a wool that’s more voluminous, fuzzy and warm. The typical softness and thermal capacity of woollen yarn are given by the traditional spinning method. In fact, the carding process brings the finer fibers to the surface and traps microscopic air bubbles inside the yarn, making it soft and warm, but keeping it lightweight.

Always with an eye on sustainability

The process of carding itself can be seen as a kind of recycling, since it reuses the by-products of the comb spinning, but Lanecardate doesn’t end here. In fact, they make sure that every raw material is compliant with the standards of the Textiles & Health Association and Traceability & Fashion. Last but not least, they’re developing a project to install solar panels in order to power the company with renewable energy only.

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Biella, Italy


Wool Carding

“Farm and traceability are deeply connected, as a father to a son or a mother to a daughter: they’ll never separate. Frequently, choosing the best wool means choosing the best farmer and the best farm.”