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Our most beloved and versatile wool, ideal for everyday use. The fibers of this Merino wool measure 19.5 microns thick and undergo the combing process, giving the material a silky texture.

What is our Merino Wool?

Being thinner than regular wool, Merino wool is softer and more comfortable. Its fibers create a lightweight, breathable, and highly flexible knit.

This wool is worsted: the longest and thinnest fibers are selected and made parallel to each other during the combing process, becoming homogeneous. This creates a ribbon called "top," which is then twisted to obtain a strong, smooth, and compact yarn.

Discover the properties

A resistant material

Its natural elasticity ensures that pieces made from Extrafine Merino Wool retain their shape, resisting sagging and wrinkling.

With natural thermoregulatory properties

Merino Wool has natural moisture-wicking properties, which help regulate body temperature by wicking moisture away from the skin.

Follow the material’s journey

Raw material

The raw material comes from Australia, from Merino sheep. Its fibers measure 19.5 microns in thickness.


Spinning is made in Poland and Italy by Tollegno 1900, one of the world's most renowned wool producers, with quality, innovation and sustainability as cornerstones.

Discover the spinning mills →


Our knitwear is crafted in Italian knitting mills, in small and medium-sized family-run businesses. Extrafine Wool pieces are crafted by Sonia in Turin, Deborah in Bari, the Benassi sisters in Imola, Franco in Barletta, Andrea in Cesena, and Monica in Genoa.


Discover the values we’re proud of

Animal welfare

This is a mulesing free material, which means that the animals have not been subjected to any abuse and their wellbeing is guaranteed by the spinning mill.


The Woolmark certification program verifies and guarantees the quality of wool yarns, rigorously tested through an analysis of the fiber. The color fastness and how strong the yarn is are also tested.