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At Artknit Studios, we are committed to bringing positive change by creating more sustainable knitwear through timeless design, selecting quality natural yarns from certified spinning mills, and connecting a network of Italian artisans with a global community seeking conscious choices. We choose only natural materials, which are more easily biodegradable and recyclable, and plan our production to minimize waste. We believe that sustainability is a process that goes hand in hand with transparency, making our community an integral part of the change we aim to bring. For this reason, we keep our customers informed about the production steps of our supply chain, which is short and traceable to optimize resources and create knitwear that is more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Environmental Sustainability

Our guiding principle for creating more sustainable knitwear is the exclusive use of natural fibers because we believe it is crucial to consider the impact of garments at the end of their life cycle. Natural fibers biodegrade more rapidly than synthetic fibers and do not release environmentally harmful microplastics; 35% of ocean microplastics come from washing and using fibers such as polyester.

All our products undergo a life cycle analysis (LCA), examining the environmental impact of a garment from raw material to completion based on various indicators: CO2 emissions, water resource usage, and release of environmentally harmful substances. Thanks to these valuable measurements, we can make more informed decisions in choosing materials.

Social Sustainability

The fashion industry as a whole is still far from fully respecting basic human and labor rights throughout the supply chain. As we continue to seek ways to reduce our impact on the ecosystem, we commit to making it positive for everyone involved at Artknit Studios, creating knitwear that is more socially sustainable.

At the core of our philosophy is the promotion of Made in Italy and Italian craftsmanship. We want the craft of knitters to continue to be passed down to preserve a cultural heritage of immeasurable value. Therefore, we select knitting mills that guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and connect them with a global community.

By working closely with our knitting mills, we ensure that the dignity and well-being of those who work with us are respected. Through the adoption of a Code of Conduct, each knitting mill commits to following rules for health and safety at work, excluding any form of discrimination or unfair treatment. To ensure that workers throughout the supply chain receive fair compensation, we choose to source from spinning mills capable of certifying the origin and traceability of raw materials. Our organic cotton spinning mill, Filmar, has created the CottonforLife social inclusion project, contributing to the training and education of new generations in the textile industry, innovating the production of Egyptian cotton by adopting organic protocols, respecting human rights, and environmental preservation.

Economic Sustainability

With our project, we aim to benefit the entire ecosystem of Italian craftsmanship, promote Made in Italy, and create knitwear that contributes to the economic sustainability of the fashion industry.

At Artknit Studios, we commit to reducing overproduction at its roots. Each new design is based on data and customer feedback, ensuring that our pieces will actually be appreciated. Additionally, with our made-to-order service, we can produce only items that will be purchased and used, aligning demand with supply and reducing waste.

Our prices remain fair and transparent throughout the year; we do not participate in seasonal sales or Black Friday sales that contribute to impulsive purchases of items that are used infrequently and discarded quickly. We do not want to encourage unsustainable consumption habits with limited-time discounts. Instead, we promote conscious purchases of durable items, supporting a circular approach to fashion that aligns with our vision of a more sustainable and economically viable industry.

We are aware that sustainability is a process, and there are always new ways to improve. In 2023, we became a certified B Corp, joining a global movement of companies that uphold high standards of impact, transparency, and accountability. This milestone strengthens our commitment to pursuing our goals and finding new solutions to create environmentally, economically, and socially more sustainable knitwear. Every year, we publish an impact report showing our progress, initiatives, and goals for the following year. This way, we can monitor the impact of our choices on all dimensions of sustainability and continue to build a better future, one knit at a time.