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Everything you need to know about our Chunky Wool

Our most voluminous, soft and warm yarn. The fibers in our Chunky Wool are sourced from Merino sheep, measure 18.5 microns thick and undergo the carding process, giving the material a fuzzy, soft texture.

What is our Chunky Wool?

Our Chunky Wool undergoes the carding process, which means parallelizing, cleaning, and regularizing the wool, making it softer and warmer. Shorter fibers, called "open," are mixed with longer fibers, called "top", and this gives the yarn, and consequently the knit, more volume.

Carded wool is considered more sustainable than classic worsted wool because some of the waste generated by the machines used to comb the wool is reused in carding.

Discover the properties

Extremely durable

It is a material that resists the signs of aging, and the feel to the touch improves wash after wash.

With great thermal properties

The carding process brings the finest fibers to the surface and traps microscopic air bubbles inside the yarn, allowing it to stay warm longer.

Follow the material’s journey

Raw material

The raw material of our Chunky Wool comes from Australia, from Merino sheep. Its superfine fibers measure 18.5 microns in thickness.


Our Chunky Wool is washed, dyed and spun entirely in Cossato, near Biella, Italy, in the Lanecardate spinning mill. This spinning mill was founded in 1663 from a family of textile entrepreneurs and today guarantees exceptional quality thanks to the direct control of the entire production process.



Our knitwear is crafted in Italian artisan workshops, in small and medium-sized family-run businesses. Chunky Wool pieces are crafted by Sonia in Turin, Marco in Bergamo, the Benassi sisters in Imola, Franco in Barletta, Andrea in Cesena by Monica in Genoa.


Discover the values we’re proud of

Animal welfare

The SustainaWOOL Integrity Scheme provides high standards along the whole supply chain, by covering 6 key pillars: health and wellbeing of sheeps (Mulesing Free), farm stewardship practices, quality of the wool and clip preparation, social responsibility and traceability.


The Woolmark certification program verifies and guarantees the quality of wool yarns, rigorously tested through an analysis of the fiber. The color fastness and how strong the yarn is are also tested.

Ethical labor

Along the different companies taking part in the production of this item, there are standards applied to ensure the respect of safe and healthy working conditions for people.

Watch the video to learn more about our Chunky Wool and the carding process


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