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There is a lot to discover about the connection between natural wines and independent publishing with making things at the right pace and rhythm. It all started to make sense when we had a conversation with Davide Coppo, journalist and co-founder of Palinurobar in Milan.

Hi Davide, it's a pleasure to have you here! To break the ice, tell us who you are and what you do in your life.

Hi everyone! I'm Davide and I live in Milan, I'm a journalist and I founded Palinurobar with my partners in 2021, a place that combines sports, music, publishing and good wine.


What do you do in the publishing field?

SI am the editor-in-chief of Rivista Undici and editor of Rivista Studio, two independent Italian magazines.

In particular, I deal with both the editorial curatorship and the translation of some ideas into photography, up to the management of the website and the Instagram platform.

My goal is to create a community that does not only revolve around the paper magazine, but also to build moments of aggregation with newsletters, podcasts and live events to create an ecosystem that is as complete as possible, in order to attract and retain readers.


What is your favorite book?

2666 by Roberto Bolano.

One thousand pages - probably incomplete - by a Chilean writer who died a few years ago very young. Five intertwining stories set between Mexico and Europe within an enormous world made to be freely explored.


How was Palinurobar born?

It was born by chance thanks to the encounter with my partners, with whom I became particularly passionate about wine. We questioned everything and started looking at the places that were available. We wondered: do we want to go for it? So we did it and we couldn't be happier about this choice.

Palinurobar is specialized in natural wines. Why did you choose to bet on this kind of wine?

As a consumer, even more than as an entrepreneur, I think natural wine is tastier, more sustainable and healthier than traditional wines in which the chemical intervention in the vineyard is prevalent.

It is appreciated both by young people and by the older generations and I believe this interest is very important to make this passion last over time.


Recommend us a wine for this time of the year.

Since it's getting hot, I am in the mood for very acidic white wines. For example, in Tortona hills' area you can find timorasso, a very acidic wine that I think is perfect for summer.

Otherwise, you can find very similar wines from Alsace or Calabria where you feel the sapidity of the wind that brings salt directly from the sea.


What connects you to Artknit?

Artknit is a project that caught my eye because I see the same values of the brand in my other projects, that is independent publishing and natural wines: in particular, I like sustainability and doing things well by taking all the time needed, without having to chase the trends of the moment.


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