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An extremely lightweight material that resembles cashmere to the touch. With 17.5 microns of thickness, it is our softest and thinnest wool fiber.

What is our Ultrasoft Wool?

A full, bright yarn ideal for creating formal-looking wool pieces.
Being 100% Merino Wool, it is renewable, easily recyclable and biodegradable.

The scales on this fine fiber, only 17.5 microns thick, are removed to obtain an even smoother, more uniform material.

With one-ply yarns, the resulting pieces are light and perfect as first layers. With two-ply yarns, on the other hand, the texture is richer but the finished piece still remains thin.

Discover the properties

Not just for winter

Combining its lightness and all the heat-regulating properties of wool, this material is perfect for seasonless wear.

Gentle on the skin

It is a semi-worsted wool: this means that the longest and finest fibers are selected and made parallel and regular, but the texture remains soft like with chunkier yarns. This is where its extreme softness comes from.

Follow the material’s journey

Raw material

The raw material comes from Australia, from Merino sheep. Its fibers measure 17.5 microns in thickness.


Spinning is made in China and Italy by Servizi e Seta, a spinning mill based in Biella, Italy that is specialized in premium natural yarns.



Our knitwear is crafted in Italian knitting mills, in small and medium-sized family-run businesses. Ultrafot Wool pieces are crafted by Sonia in Turin, Deborah in Bari, the Benassi sisters in Imola, Michele in Arezzo, Laura in Perugia, and Monica in Genoa.


Discover the values we’re proud of

In full respect for the animals

This is a mulesing free material, which means that the animals have not been subjected to any abuse and their wellbeing is guaranteed by the spinning mill.

Full traceability

The raw material comes from Australian merino sheep, a breed that produces particularly fine wool. It is then processed in certified spinning mills that ensure transparency and quality throughout the supply chain.

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