La qualità del lusso è ora sostenibile e accessibile

Usiamo solo le migliori manifatture italiane assieme alle fibre più pregiate. Questo implica che offriamo la stessa qualità dei brand del lusso ma ad un prezzo completamento diverso, grazie ad un modello totalmente digitale. I nostri capi sono contemporanei ma senza tempo, prodotti con un approccio sostenibile e pensati per uno stile di vita moderno.

Direct to you with zero waste

Meet the makers

Why we started this journey

Fewer and longer lasting products

The company was founded in 2018 with the aim to leverage on digital practices and superior quality materials to create fewer and longer lasting products at the best value: for the makers, for the planet and for you.

Democratize luxury

We want to move things in the right direction by providing to our community direct access to superior quality products made by the best Italian manufacturers at true cost. Our motto is: Buy less, Buy better.

Ethical production

We believe in sustainability as a mean of growth. We use only sustainable and natural fibres, we hand-pick the best Italian manufacturers that comply with our vision and values. We are committed to a zero waste production process.

A passionate team with a clear mission

We put together professionals form different industries to build things from a different perspective.

We carefully handpick the best Italian makers – along with their sustainable, luxury yarns. And thanks to our made-to-order approach, we want to achieve a zero waste business model.

Our motto is Buy Less, Buy Better.

Alessandro Lovisetto

Founder & CEO

Matteo Upinot

Product & Sustainability Expert

Anna Castellazzo

Product & Design Expert

Monica Servo

Customer & E-commerce Specialist

Marta Delpiano

Community Manager

Andrea Meloni

Digital Specialist

Our commitment

Transparent Manufacturing

We strive to provide full transparency to our community. Every piece has a story, makes an impact and has a cost. With full transparency we want to give to our community the whole story behind every single product. We want to help our community to understand the effects of our decisions and start making better ones.

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A zero waste approach

We beyond recycling and composting at the end of a product's life cycle.
We begin with product design, and envisioning the use and management of materials in ways that preserve value, minimize environmental impacts, and conserve natural resources.

Our sustainable standards →
We want to move things in the right direction by providing to our community direct access to superior quality products at the lowest environmental impact. Our motto is: Buy less, Buy better.

Alessandro, CEO & FOUNDER

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