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The Upcycled Zibeline Cashmere Scarf – Imperfect Version

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This is an ARCHIVE piece

This style is no longer available in the current main collection as fit or design changes have been made. This piece has never been worn and shows no sign of wear.

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the upcycled zibeline cashmere scarf imperfect version 16 taupe
The Upcycled Zibeline Cashmere Scarf – Imperfect Version Taupe / One Size Sale price€139,00 Regular price€185,00

The material

Upcycled Cashmere

Our upcycled cashmere is made in Italy from the industrial excesses of cashmere fibers. It's warm, soft, and cozy to the touch just like virgin cashmere, but it comes with a considerably lower cost for the environment. In fact, upcycled cashmere has a 92% reduction of its environmental impact compared to virgin cashmere.
Being made by shorter scrap threads that are re-spun together, it’s more delicate than virgin cashmere, so the final knit will require extra care and love.

Imperfect for a good cause

A longer life

12.6 million tonnes of textile waste are generated every year in Europe alone. Choosing a piece from the Imperfect Selection prolongs its lifespan, by giving it a second chance.

European Commission

A reduced environmental impact

Choosing reconditioned pieces allows to reduce the environmental impact of a piece by up to 95%, bypassing the production phase.

A better accessibility

You can find a selection of quality pieces at a more accessible price to make everyone experience the quality of natural fibers and timeless designs.