The art of the hat-maker

Cappellificio di Luca also known as Cappellificio Biellese‘s  ancient roots date back to 1935, a time when hats production was at its core, thanks to the main role hats played in both male and female wardrobes – all the more if we refer to the Biella Textile District.

After experiencing a hard time in the late 50’s, Cappellificio Biellese came back on top again thanks to Alberto Benigni and Luca Murta the two young founders, that in 2014 decided to give a new chance to a company with a deep focus on internationalisation.

Italian sartorial hats made with the best fabrics in the World

We select the best fabrics in the world, starting from the wild Shetland Islands, collecting, on the road, the best Tweeds from UK, finally reaching our home, in Biella area, where the most famous woolen mills in the world are located.

Established in



Biella, Italy


Hat-makers with natural fabrics

"The most beautiful hat is the one you do not realize to wear, but that everyone notices for the elegance and the quality of the finishings."