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Legal notice

Our marketing policy outlines the guidelines we follow in carrying out any marketing activity and communication in order to fully adhere to our transparency values.


  1. We commit to honest and true communication: everything we say and write is backed up by real data sourced by our team, our makers and/or our suppliers.
  1. We commit to avoiding greenwashing in our communications: we still have a lot to work on, but the goals and results we share with you are true and genuine and we always make sure that all the data hasn’t been manipulated.
  1. We commit to not elicit fake needs through our products into consumers’ minds: we strive to answer to a real need, that is the necessity of finding high-quality sustainable options ethically made with a timeless and modern design, and we’ll never forge needs in our customers’ minds through marketing or any other communication activity.

  2. We are aware that every choice we make doesn’t only fall on us, but on every partner we collaborate with and on our community. For this reason, we commit to making every decision questioning the ethics of each alternative and keeping in mind our social responsibility towards our people.