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The fibers of this Merino wool measure 19.5 microns thick and undergo the combing process, giving the material a silky texture.

Being thinner than regular wool, Merino wool is softer and more comfortable. Its fibers create a lightweight, breathable, and highly flexible knit.

This wool is worsted: the longest and thinnest fibers are selected and made parallel to each other during the combing process, becoming homogeneous. This creates a ribbon called "top," which is then twisted to obtain a strong, smooth, and compact yarn.

A resistant material

Its natural elasticity ensures that pieces made from Extrafine Merino Wool retain their shape, resisting sagging and wrinkling.

With natural thermoregulatory properties

Merino Wool has natural moisture-wicking properties, which help regulate body temperature by wicking moisture away from the skin.

A renewable resource

Sheep produce new fleece every year, making this material a conscious choice in reducing impact. In addition, the biodegradability of wool ensures that it does not contribute to microplastic pollution in our oceans.

In full respect for the animals

This is a mulesing free material, which means that the animals have not been subjected to any abuse and their wellbeing is guaranteed.

Discover the certifications of our Extrafine Merino Wool


Oeko-Tex is an international system of certification for companies in the textile industry. It tests raw materials, intermediate products and end products. The label "Confidence in Textiles" guarantees that the products are free from harmful substances and that the textile production is safe and transparent.


The Woolmark certification program verifies and guarantees the quality of wool yarns, rigorously tested through fiber analysis, color fastness and yarn strength tests.


The certification of the Textile and Health Association guarantees the consumer regarding the origin, traceability and safety of the yarn.