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Read our report to find out more about our commitment towards a better future

Every action has an impact.

We strive to reduce it when it comes to the environment, and to make it positive when it comes to people.


100% of our pieces are bio-based, made with natural fibers only.

100% of our pieces are subject to Life Cycle Assessment.

100% visibility on our Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

88% of our entire supply chain is traced.

100% of our organic cotton pieces are GOTS certified.

16% of styles changed to better preferred materials.

13% of styles are available as made to order pieces.

There is no sustainability without transparency

Reshaping the fashion industry is a mission we have to accomplish together.

This is our second Impact Report e we invite you to read it to find out what we achieved last year, what we measured and the initiatives we want to take toward a better future. One knit at a time.

A more livable planet

Our commitment to decarbonize, regenerate and the use of natural fibers.

We want our pieces to have as little environmental impact as possible both during their production and after purchase. Therefore, we use only natural and easily biodegradable fibers, which will smoothly return to nature by ensuring microplastic-free lands and waters.

We have made some changes in material selection to reduce the environmental impact of our pieces: we have replaced the Silk and Cotton blend with the 100% Organic Cotton yarn, introduced SustainaWool Green certified Chunky Wool, and replaced real horn buttons with bioresin buttons.

Starting from 2021, we continue to measure the impact of our pieces from the beginning of production to the finished piece through Life Cycle Assessment. Among the metrics we measure are CO2 emissions, liters of water used, and nutrient dissolution that goes into altering the aquatic ecosystem. You can discover the impact of each piece on its product page.

Towards conscious consumption

Our commitment to tracing the supply chain and informing our community in a transparent way.

88% of our supply chain is traced and we want to reach 100% for two reasons: a fully transparent supply chain allows us to have more control over all processes. Also, we believe that our community should be completely aware of what they are buying. You can follow the journey of our pieces from yarn to you on each product page.

Among our goals is to bring real change to the fashion industry and consumer behavior. Last Black Friday, we invited our community to a repair workshop to take care of their knits and prolong their life instead of buying new ones.

We have established an ethical marketing policy, publish campaigns to raise awareness toward conscious consumption, and use our channels to disclose information and practices relevant to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The future of craftsmanship

Our commitment to ensuring fair working conditions and innovating the manufacturing sector.

The Italian manufacturing tradition is an invaluable cultural heritage. We want to enhance it and make it future ready through digitization and innovative manufacturing processes. We work only with small family-run workshops and want to make craftsmanship attractive to new generations. We are looking for methodologies to measure our social impact on local communities and identify projects to improve it.

We ask our artisans to sign a Code of Conduct that guarantees fair working conditions for all people involved in the production process. We want to be an example in the field of respect for rights throughout the supply chain, without any compromise.