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A peculiar fiber that feels like cashmere, but it’s extremely lightweight

Our Ultrasoft Wool is made by a pure wool fiber of 17.5 micron of thickness, making it the finest fiber you can find.

It comes from Australian Merino sheeps and it’s later spun by Servizi e Seta, at 0 km from our headuarters in Biella, Italy. It's fully traceable and mulesing free to ensure the animal's welfare in the farms.

What makes it so special?

We named this yarn Ultrasoft Wool because it combines the special properties of wool, including its extreme lightness, with a pleasant feeling on the skin, given by its similarity to the touch to cashmere fibers. All the functionality of wool, with a more luxurious look.

It’s a rare yarn since it’s carded, but also very thin, making it extremely lightweight, but still warm. In fact, our Ultrasoft Wool is a semi-combed yarn because the fibers are made parallel and regular like combed ones, but the hand is soft and round, very similar to thicker carded yarns.

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Discover the certifications

Textile and Health Association

The Textile and Health Association certification guarantees the absence of hazardous substances in the product, certifying its origin, traceability and safety.


The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification guarantees the use of natural fibers from crops that do not use chemical pesticides or GMOs and which are treated with non-toxic products for humans.