Like every year, we don’t run seasonal sales. We invite you to buy less, buy better.

At Artknit we like challenges.

We get up every day with the aim of giving you the best luxury knitwear possible and to create a community of conscious consumers, always keeping in mind our three pillars: materials, environmental impact and timeless designs.


The focus on the environmental impact has been part of Artknit since day one.

 We went totally nuts and decided to offer on-demand pieces directly to you, without intermediaries: we don’t like to waste inventory items or resources, so we only produce what we sell in order to give you a zero waste garment, that you can also recycle at the end of their lifecycle.

 Also, we take care of our artisans like they’re part of our family and we tell you their story in the most transparent way to guarantee you they’re in good working conditions.

As a natural consequence, we always keep an eye out for the best materials: for you and the planet. 

We use only sustainable and locally sourced materials - we like to overdo, so we even use KM0 fabrics - and we are lucky enough to call Biella our home, where babies say “yarn” before even saying “mum”. Jokes apart, we spend a lot of time in researching what’s the best material for a garment in terms of performance, circularity and natural resources’ protection. 

When we started to talk about creating timeless designs that could be worn by a 20 years old girl and also by her 55 years old father, everyone told us it was impossible, but we’re proving them wrong.

We design our garments to be modern, but keeping in mind that wardrobe essentials are forever: they can’t go out of style and can be worn at any age. We promise that they’re going to solve your everyday what-do-I-wear problem (and your father’s too). 

We don’t consider our pillars as boxes to tick on a to-do list, but rather as our beating heart that drives us to improve ourselves every single day, to give you and our planet a better future.

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