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It’s time to treat yourself with a good dose of cosyness. Especially if you’re reading this after 2020 - I mean we need a lesson or two on how to master our pleasure and comfy wear right? - And here at Artknit we’ve got you covered, here are some pro tips on how to get the perfect comfort piece for any weather.

1. Think insulation (no braino, we just wanna keep you warm)

We know you’ve heard wool knits are the best call for this, but have you actually checked what your knits are made of? At Artknit  you can either go with Merino Wool, Grade-A Cashmere or Upcycled Cashmere. All of them have top insulation properties, here’s why: wool has crimps on every fiber, unlike any man-made materials or blends, that creates tiny air pockets that are one of nature's best solutions to keep your body warm. 

2. Breathability

Okay, so it’s important to keep you warm, but not hot and sweaty. Especially when we’re shifting between heated indoors and freezing outdoors or the other way around, or even when you have to do a quick active task like taking care of your home, kids, cooking and working all at the same time (last time I talked about the 2020 agenda). Anyways, back to breathability, on that matter wool really surpasses every other fiber.

I mean, try doing all those tasks wearing polyester and tell us how it went. 

100% Wool instead of plastic fibers allows your body to keep breathing in and out because of the smart moisture transport it naturally has on every molecule that chemically bonds with the water, creating a constant vapor transit.

3. Odour resistance

Because of that same ability to react to the body temperature and take the sweat out, you can count on our sweaters for smelling right at the end of your day. Wool’s complex chemical structure can also absorb and lock away odours within the fibre and those are only going to come out at the washing cycle. Perfect for a night out after a long day.

4. Softness

Let’s get real cosy right now.  With any of our wool knits, you’ll feel forever in bed. We only work with the finest fibers, like our Grade-A Cashmere or Extrafine Merino wool that are super thin, which makes them blend easily, creating threads and knits with an awesome touch.

Okay, so just cosy up at our shop before the season is over!

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