Here at Artknit, we take responsibility for the whole lifecycle of our garments, from the choice of the raw materials, to the way in which you get rid of them.

For this reason, each material is carefully chosen after weeks and weeks of research.

Do your grandparents too say that, in their day, their clothes used to last for a lifetime?

Well, ours did.

 Now, we are used to buy garments that are cheaper than a latte and we’re used to throw them away after a single use, or worse.

So, we decided to go back to our good ol’ roots, driven by the centenary textile culture of our hometown Biella, and change how modern-day clothes are made and how they should be considered.

We decided to go for natural fibres only, that are naturally (got the pun?) recyclable and biodegradable, come from low-impact and renewable resources and don’t release any microplastics in our oceans during washing cycles.

The materials we use at Artknit aren’t many, but they’re definitely the finest ones: from Grade-A Cashmere to Mulberry Silk, we carefully screen the fibers we source from time to time. In this way, we’re able to guarantee that they have the least environmental impact and protect natural resources, without sacrificing their performance over time.

After selecting some of the world’s best fibres, we had no doubt in deciding whom to trust with: all of them are spun by certified mills in our beloved valley and they’re given to our expert Italian makers that, with their spells, transform them in real masterpieces. 

But don’t worry, we take care of this never-ending process, you just have to support us in this incredible journey and look after your knits to make them truly, as our grandparents say, last forever.


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