Sustainability doesn’t end at materials or emissions: it goes far beyond.

We aim to create timeless designs that don’t go out of style - ever - and that you’re going to wear for more than a single season. 

Discover everything about our design process, from the idea of our Permanent Collection to the design of the knit.

Building a timeless wardrobe is not easy, because there isn’t such a thing as a must-have list of garments that works for everyone.

Lucky enough, there are some classic pieces that everyone looks up to, sooner or later, because they’re basic building blocks that help you develop your personal style, without being boring.

We don't design a whole new collection every season: we have 0 collections. We decided to design a single collection that solves the all year long problem of I-don’t-know-what-to-wear, even if our wardrobes are already full.

Our aim is to re-design classic knits and to improve them year after year: by listening to your feedbacks, we add new colors, we improve the fit or change the stitches, in order to meet the modern-life expectations and build a set of staples that are going to stay forever on our website (and in your wardrobe).

During the design of our pieces, we don't only ask ourselves if the knit has the perfect fit, but also if they could be true investment pieces for you.

By investing in well-made pieces that never go out of style you don’t only look great, but you also waste less on poorly made clothes that you get tired of quickly and that they get worn-out even faster.

This design approach is consistent with our philosophy of rejecting the traditional cycle of fashion and the consequent seasonal sales and overconsumption. Instead, we promote a conscious way of buying, in order to avoid waste and to offer you uncompromised products that last for life. 

One of the most common misconception about basics, is that they don’t let your personality fully shine through.

Actually, if clothes are meant to tell a story about who you are, the basics set the mood for the narrative. They’re the items that you can count on and you can make your personality pop out by mixing proportions, fabrics and colors in a way that you love.


So, sit back, choose carefully your new forever knits and enjoy the ride.

And remember, you can always come back to your favorite pieces here.

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